French Greetings


Enjoy speaking French greetings in less than 10 minutes! Download this free French language CD snippet. Listen and repeat the French words to learn how to speak French fast: about 10 minutes from now you will be able to fluently pronounce and remember all common French greetings!


Common French greetings


Did you ever tell yourself: "I want to learn French but I don’t have any time to enroll in a French course"?


The good news is that you can speak French or learn any language for that matter at home. Better still, thanks to French language CDs you can learn French anytime, anywhere.


These French language CDs will make you learn French easily, just like you learned your mother language: by listening and repeating.


Download these French Greetings (782KB – Learn French mp3) as an example. You will not only hear the French greetings, but you will be asked to repeat them. After you finished listening and repeating the French words, you will be surprised how fast they are embedded in your memory already.


Learn French greetings


Download and listen to the French Greetings anywhere you can: in your car, going to your office or in the shower and make sure you repeat the French words out loud!


This way you will learn French greetings without any effort as you can rewind the audio over and over again.


Greetings in French:


  • Paul: Salut Claire.
  • Claire: Salut, Paul. Comment ça va?
  • Paul: Bien merci, et toi?
  • Claire: Je vais très bien.


French language translation to English:


  • Paul: Hi Claire.
  • Claire: Hi Paul. How’s it going?
  • Paul: Good thanks, and you?
  • Claire: I’m going very well. (I am very fine)


French Christmas greetings


"Joyeux Noël" are the French greeting words you will hear around Christmas. Listen to the French pronunciation at : French Christmas Greetings.


How to greet people in French


You can have a look in our previous post how to greet someone in French: it does involve kissing… French greetings and salutations do differ depending on where you are in France:


  • most greeting in French is accompanied by one kiss on the left cheek and one on the right
  • in the south of France, the French greet by kissing once on the right once on the left
  • in Paris you could get double as much kisses: right, left right left
  • and in the west of France people will only give one kiss.


When you are new in France, you simply don’t join in the kissing and stick to the French greeting phrases you learned in the audio of this page.


When you don’t know when to use formal French greetings, informal greetings or French business greetings you have 2 options:


  1. always use Bonjour: as that’s both a formal as informal greeting, or:
  2. simply repeat the French language greetings you heard when the French person greeted you.


Simply repeating what you hear is the most simple and always accurate way to greet people in France!


Learning French greetings with French language CDs


Today you have learned not only the most common French greetings, you also learned that you can learn French fast by just listening to French language CDs.


When you are serious about learning French and you want to speak French fast and fluently, we do recommend you buy the complete set of French Language CDs now and learn more French words in the next few minutes! (Only $99.97: that’s 3 cent less than what I charge for 1 hour of teaching French.)

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