Thank you in French

Thank you in French

Free audio to teach you how to say thank you in French in the most common ways and occasions.

The most used French word that expresses thank you is ‘merci‘. If you want to express more gratitude, you say ‘merci beaucoup‘ which means "thank you very much".

Merci comes from the more formal French phrase: ‘Je vous remercie‘ which translates into: I thank you.

Another cute way to express gratitude and some added affection is the phrase ‘C’est gentil‘ : it’s kind.

How to say thank you in French : audio

A very common situation where you would say thank you is when ordering food or a drink in a restaurant or a pub or when shopping people hand you things:

  • Waiter: S’il vous plaît! (please)
  • You: Merci!(thank you)
  • Waiter: Voilà! (please as in: ‘take this’)
  • You: Merci beaucoup! (thank you)
  • Waiter : De rien! (you are welcome)

Download the audio to learn how to say thank you in French.

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