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How to count in French

How to count in French 

Speak French fluently: free and fun way to learn how to count in French. Look, listen and repeat to learn French numbers pronunciation.


Numbers 1 to 10 in French


Learn French numbers from 0 to 10 in the video below.



French numbers up to 100


The best way to learn French is only learning the numbers from 0 to 10 in one day or week if you only have little time daily to learn French at home.


Learning French numbers should be done in stages, as counting in French is a bit odd.


French language schools will give you a list of all French number to memorize. Unfortunately, your memory will get stuck pretty fast when you need to learn French words without any context. Praise yourself once your learned how to count in French from 0 to 10 and stop there!


If you want to say and speak French numbers to 100 or to any amount, just read each French number separately. That explains why we added 0 to the list of French numbers 1 to 10.


Learning French numbers : Words sound different than how they are written


You will notice that only now we will show you the French spelling of the French numbers. This is because you will notice that not all written letters in the French language are pronounced:


How to count in French from 0 to 10 :


    • zéro = 0
    • un = 1
    • deux = 2
    • trois = 3
    • quatre = 4
    • cinq = 5
    • six = 6
    • sept = 7
    • huit = 8
    • neuf = 9
    • dix = 10


Written letters you don’t pronounce:


  • de ‘x’ in the number dix is pronounced as an ‘s’ and you won’t hear it at all in the French number deux
  • you don’t hear the ‘p’ in the French number sept
  • you don’t pronounce the ‘s’ in the French number trois


Why do the French write letters they don’t pronounce?


Because French spelling still looks like how it was around the 1600’s. However French pronunciation has evolved since, especially more letters have been "swallowed" but still need to be written.


That’s why you best learn how to speak French by first listening and repeating the French words, before you go into the spelling. This method will ensure you to learn French quickly, more quickly than starting to learn French based on a textbook.


That’s why we recommend you to learn French by listening to the 31 French audio tutorials (for less than $100 with money back guarantee!). With these French audio tutorials, you can learn French easily by listening and learn French in your car or sofa.


How to count to 10 in French


Today in your online French course you learned how to count to 10 in French. You will learn all French numbers in our future free French courses.


People will always write down French numbers on your bill, on a price tag, so we cover more French numbers in our future French language lessons about going to the restaurant and going shopping.