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Learn French Free

Learn French Free

Speak French fast when you join our Learn French Free course. Free French language courses using free French flashcards, audio and fun video. First French lesson starts June, 2.


What French will you learn for free?


In our series of free French language courses you will learn how to speak French for beginners> You will learn enough French to speak to the French next time:


  • you travel to France
  • you chat online in French
  • you want to be as romantic as the French


How to use our free French flashcards


In the above French flashcard, you see a chicken pulling a cart.


The French translation for chicken is "poule", which sounds exactly like pull. Our free French flashcards are a fun way to memorize and learn French words fast and easy.


If you want to buy French Flash cards that use the above memory techniques,
we recommend this ‘Fun Fast Memorizing French language words and phrases program‘ (only $37 with Money Back Guarantee).


Learn French language free covers 10 topics


  1. French Greetings, saying Hello in French
  2. Making Conversation
  3. Ordering drinks and snacks
  4. Talking about yourself
  5. Taking public transportation
  6. Shopping!
  7. Buying food
  8. Finding your way
  9. How to book a room in French Hotels
  10. Eating out in a French restaurant


Join learn French Free


It’s always fun to interact with our students, so if you want to join learning French for free, leave a comment!


You will be amazed how interacting with other French students and your French teacher online will help you learning French faster with more fun!


See you at our first free French class Tuesday, June 02, 2009!