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Learn French Music

Learn French fast and fun by listening to your favorite French music for free and our best ways to learn French: take for example the French music from Aicha.


Learn French music vocabulary


  • When it comes to learning French or any language for that matter, you know that the more you repeat the words, the more you will remember them.
  • You also know that some songs just stick into your memory and can go on and on when you wish they wouldn’t…


Combine these 2 learning methods and you have just found yourself the best way to learn French but…


Don’t go learning the French songs by hearth: just listen to your favorite French music and pay special attention to words and expressions you can use every day when you travel to France.


Learn where to find French music for free


Just go to Youtube and look for French Music or French Songs and add the words lyrics if you prefer as some videos will even display the vocabulary of the French music you want to learn from, like the learn French music video we made for you below:



Now don’t break your head in memorizing all the French words in a French song, but do concentrate on French vocabulary that you could use every day. In the above video "Aicha" from Cheb Khaled, very common French expressions and words are:


  • Comme ci, comme ça: soso
  • à côté de: next to
  • moi: me
  • sans: without 
  • j’ai: I have
  • prends: take
  • tout est pour toi: all is for you
  • voici: take (when you hand something to somebody)
  • les bijoux: jewels (not to confuse with bisous: kisses!)
  • aussi:also
  • miel: honey
  • si tu m’aimes: if you love me
  • où: where
  • dans:in, inside
  • rien: nothing
  • beau / belle : beautiful
  • écoute-moi: listen to me
  • t’en vas pas: do not go
  • regarde moi: look at me
  • reponds-moi: answer me
  • ciel: sky
  • les rayons du soleil: the rays of the sun,
  • tes yeux: your eyes
  • je vaux mieux que tout ça: I am worth more than that
  • Je veux: I want
  • droit: right
  • chaque jour: each day,
  • je ne veux que l’amour: I want only love "


That’s about 60 common French words you will learn by just listening to this French music. Of course in order to learn French even faster, you need to learn from the French music you love the most, so do browse around in your record shop or online at Youtube.