How are you in French

How are you in French 

In this free French lesson you will


  • learn how to say how are you in French
  • what to do when people continue the conversation.


How to say how are you in French


Look and listen how in the video French friends say hello how are you in French:



  • Hello, how are you : Salut, ça va?
  • "Fine" : Ça va.


Listen and look for the basics in any conversation


There are 2 ways learning how to speak French:


  1. learn to speak French only using your memory to learn French words and phrases
  2. learn to speak French using your whole body: your eyes, ears, imagination and gut feeling!


Even when you don’t understand any French words, or you switch off the volume of the above French video:


  • your gut feeling tells you that these French people are greeting each other
  • your imagination tells you that they are most likely asking how are you, and you, and what do we do next?


When you want to learn French fast: your imagination is your best friend. Both when it comes to learning French online, offline and especially when you follow French language courses in France:


  • although languages use different words,
  • people do communicate the same things over and over!


In most situations:


  • you will be able to imagine and guess what the other person is saying, and
  • your guessing will improve once you learn to recognise some basic French words.


Look back at the French greetings video above. Knowing that ça va literary means: it goes, try to figure out what the girl called Charlotte at the end is saying to the guys?


  • without understanding any words, you see that they are all leaving together…
  • when you did understand the girl saying "On y va?", you recognized the word va, which means ‘go’
  • so what do you guess she said?
    Right, Charlotte said: "Let’s go!".


Better than French language courses in France


French language course France


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All you need to do is look at the French video, listen to the French words and guess the missing French word. It’s a great way to improve your guessing skills and trust me: no other French course will teach you the importance of guessing.


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How are you in French Video transcript


Before reading the French words below, your best way to learn the French language is watch the French video again and guess what they are trying to say.


Improving your guessing skills by watching peoples body language increases understanding the French words for 90%!


  • Salut! Ça va? (Hi! It goes?, meaning ‘How are you?’)
  • Ça va. Et toi? (It goes, meaning: ‘fine’. And you)
  • Ça va. (I’m fine)



  • Ça va?
  • Ça va. Et toi?



  • Salut!
  • Salut Charlotte!Ça va?
  • Ça va bien et toi? (I’m very well and you?, bien means well)
  • Très bien… (very well, très means very) Salut Miloud …Ça va?
  • Ça va. Et toi?
  • Très bien. On y va? (Shall we go?, literary translated: one there go?)
  • D’accord. (OK.)


If you want to remember anything from today’s French lesson is that you need to improve your imagination and guessing skill in order to learn French quick. You will learn how to speak French much quicker than when you only would rely on reading words in French language courses.


French kissing


Again, people all over the world want to express the same things but do it in different ways.


In Rome, do what the Romans do. In France, do what the French do. When it comes to French greetings, the French tend to kiss each other twice (one left, one right). If you don’t want to ruin a French girl’s make-up, do kiss the air left and right!


La bise, translated to ‘the kiss’, is the usual way French friends greet each other. When you visit France and get to know French people better, they could ask: on se fait la bise? Shall we kiss?


Again, listen for the basic word "bise", and you will know what they are trying to say or do 🙂


If you are not fond about giving and receiving kisses, you can equally well shake hands in France. Just be prepared for la bise when you decide to study French in France :-).


French greeting tips


The easiest way to greet anybody in France is starting out with a simple ‘Bonjour‘ which translates to "GoodDay" (listen to the French audio for Bonjour at our previous online French course: How to say hello in French)


Even when entering a waiting room or boarding a bus, the French will mutter bonjour as a general greeting to everyone within earshot.


How are you in French summarized


I can hear you saying: ‘eh, we hardly didn’t learn any new French words nor French phrases today’. (did you notice you learned the very useful French phrases for ‘very good’, ‘let’s go’ and OK – have a look again at the video!)


In this second of our French language lessons I wanted to emphasize that there is more to learning French than memorizing words out of a French course book:


  • look and listen to the French person
  • try to understand basic French words
  • imagine what he or she wants from you or tries to say to you
  • act accordingly
  • answer accordingly when you learn more French words and French phrases in our next course


The only mistakes when speaking and learning French are: closing your ears, mouth and imagination! Other than that: communicate in any way possible!


So how are you in French now? Ça va?

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