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Learn French and speak online for free listening to French audio words and repeating them over and over again.

Add to that a few explanations why the French have such a strange way of forming their sentences and writing their words (yes, that’s grammar) , and you will be able to order a French meal in France in no time.

After all, you do know the French words baguette, marmalade and cafĂ© latte, so you are already able to order your first French breakfast. Just make sure you speak with a typical French accent, so pronounce all ‘a’s in ‘marmalade’ like the ‘a’ in ‘father’.

Best of all: ask all you want to know about French leaving a question below, and our French teachers will answer you: that’s another great way of learning French for free.

9 thoughts on “Free French Classes Online

  1. Sileshi Mulatu

    Hi, I’m currently in frech languge speaking country that is Cote d’ivoire for business
    purpose ,therefore it is very important for me to learn French languge to communicate with my employees and the socity at large.Therefore, I wish i can learn the languge in a short time through on line with out going to school.
    best regrads!
    God bless You

    Sileshi Mulatu

    compny CEO

      1. I'd e b.oru Dori tullu

        French is the most advanced language of literature. It is key European language and almost nativised l.e. naturalized francophone language. For Otomos it is the source of archives of history and Promo literati.

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