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French flash cards

Learn French words fast by playing with our extensive list of free French flash cards, based on the fun yet effective link-word memorizing visual technique.

The idea is that the picture in the flash card associates your visual memory with an English sound that is almost similar to the French translation of the entire picture in the flash card. Ok: a picture says more than a 1000 words, so let’s give an example.

Let’s memorize the French translation of poster with this flash card:

free French flashcards

    The English word to translate and memorize in French in the picture is a poster.

When you look at the poster on the flash card, you notice A Fish!

    Lo and behold: the French word for poster is: l’affiche and sounds exactly as if you where to say in English ‘l-a-fish’.

Ok, "a fish" isn’t 100% the same as ‘l’affiche", but for you to be able to memorize the word, it doesn’t have to be an exact match. Focus on the sounds created in English and your brain has little to no extra effort to link "a-fish" with the French word "l’affiche". Much easier on your memory than letting it find "out of the blue" the translation of poster without the help of this visualization.

Just try it out, look at the French flash card again, write in your agenda next week the question: "what is the translation of poster" and see whether you still remember. If you don’t, then leave a comment 🙂 Since you don’t see any comments below, just shows you how easy it is to memorize French words when using the right tools.