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    Speak French faster with French flash cards.

    Our French students always speak French faster and drop out less than the students of my colleagues because we use fun French Flash Cards with inbuilt memory techniques.

    Learn French has to be fun and as easy as possible after you return from a hard days work.

    Fun French flash cards are brain friendly and a fun way to speak French fast!


Recommended French course


Rocket French


Rocket French is an fast, fun and proven way to speak French fast studying at home.


The Rocket French courses are for people new to learning French, aiming to take beginners to an advanced knowledge of speaking the French language.


Although one of the lowest cost product on the market, don’t let the price fool you: it offers 11 hours of audio with 40 lessons:

  • the first 20 lessons teach you to speak the basics phrases of the French language
  • the next 10 intermediate lessons build on these basic phrases and
  • the last 10 lessons feature practical and real life conversations so you learn how to speak French as if you were in France.


Busy people can learn at their own pace but you should be able to speak enough French to find your bearings in France in as little as 2 months.

400 pages of written material, 45 illustrated grammar lessons and 750 exercises and a bonus of 4 French educational games:

  1. MegaVocab is an interactive game, showing you a picture with 4 French words beside it. Up to you to find the right French word that fits the picture.
  2. MegaAudio is another interactive game, showing you 6 pictures. You hear a French word and have to match the correct picture with it. This game is great for learning to understand the French as it is spoken in France.
  3. MegaVerbs is a game that helps you to master French verbs.
  4. MegaCards is a French memory game with 526 French flash cards that teach you French words by showing you pictures.


Rocket French is ideal to speak and memorize French fast as it comes with 526 French flash cards and numerous other fun games and tools to let you enjoy studying a new language after a busy day.


Buy Rocket French now and learn your first French words in a few minutes! (Only $99.97: that’s 3 cent less than what I charge for 1 hour of teaching French.)

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