Best way to learn French

Best way to learn French

The best way to learn French is to use a fun French course that has audio examples and teaches you French quick and easy.


In teaching my students French I use the online course Rocket French because it can be used without a teacher. Some of my students don’t have the time to follow each of my French classes or don’t manage to asking all the questions in my short French introduction course.


Rather than using my own short French course, I changed into using Rocket French as it is a complete French course, you can download it on the spot and it saves you lots of precious time trying to find websites on the Internet to learning how to speak French online for free.


This doesn’t of course mean you have to do the same but what I will say is this: I really don’t think you can learn the French language as quick as with Rocket French, unless you follow a French immersion course in France.


This is mainly because Rocket French not only teaches you the words and phrases, it teaches you how to SPEAK the language.


This is an absolute awesome feature because it allows you to learn the correct grammar and pronunciation of the French language.


After all, there’s no point knowing all the words and phrases if you cannot actually speak them is there? No one will understand a word you’re saying!


Most likely you have heard of the famous French course called Pimsleur. When you look into it more closely, you will find out it’s good but expensive! When I say expensive I mean over $900 expensive! So you better take a value for money course and that’s exactly what Rocket French offers you.


So what is all Rocket French about?.


When you aren’t playing around and you want to learn French fast, the fastest way to start is to download an online language course. It gives you immediate access to the French training area.


Once you download the French guides, you can start immediately to watch the video tutorials. You just won’t believe how quickly you will start to speak French. Yes, we are talking that you will be able to speak some French the same day!


You will never forget when you welcome anybody you know in French! They most likely wont understand a word of what you are was saying but they will surely know it’s French you are talking!


OK, I’m not saying for a minute here that you will earn the entire French language in a day, it will take you quite a few weeks but: you can get started on the spot and you will start to learn the basic French phrases very quickly.


The best way to learn French is to start listening to the 31 audio tutorials, just one each day, for the next month.


Practice the phrases on anybody that speaks French or anybody that loves to listen to you if you have no French friends available: they will be quite amused and you will be practicing daily!


You will be learning everything from basic introduction phrases to more advanced tutorials of learning the exact pronunciations of the words.


Well illustrated French grammar lessons will help you as well, as sometimes you have to see something written down to be able to memorize it completely.


Oh and did I mention the French games that come with the course? These are so much fun and you will enjoy playing them. You don’t actually realise you are learning French at the same time as playing them.


So, all in all I would recommend Rocket French to anyone who not only wants to learn French quickly but also very fluently. 

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