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How to make flash cards

Speak French fast by making your own flash cards with build in memory tricks. Or download ours 1 by 1 or buy a complete French flashcard program all at once.

Fast and fun way to learn French

Illustrated French flash cards are a fast and fun way to learn French only:

  • when the flash cards are fun of course and
  • when the flash cards incorporate memory techniques

French flash cards

Take the above example… What do you see in the picture?

You see a chicken PULLing a blue cart filled with eggs.

The memory technique in this flashcard associates PULLing with:

  • the chicken
  • the French word for chicken: "POULE&quot, which is more or less pronounced the same like the English word “pull”;

Next time you are looking for the translation of chicken:

  • your memory recalls the chicken pulling the blue cart and
  • immediately you remember "poule"

Where to find French flash cards using memory techniques?

french flash cards

You can buy the Fun French Flashcard Program from the complete French Memorization Tools and Techniques Package. These French flash cards will teach you 1000 of the most commonly used French words (with their English counterparts) using memorizing techniques, in as little as 15 minutes a day.

Or you can download our French flashcards 1 by 1 or… you can make your own: just put the word in a “funny or silly” English situation that comes close to the French word. Of course: spot on is always best (like “pull” for “poule”), but it’s using the creative part of your brain, so you can stray away a bit like: a flashcard image with lot’s of golden products from French luxury goods company Dior, to remember the French word for gold: “or”.

Studying endless list of French vocabulary can get tedious, which doesn’t do language students – or their teachers – any good. But learning French words from French flash cards you made yourself, is another proven memory technique to remember the words faster.

Personally I suggest you buy a few flash cards to get you going and then add your own cards.

How to make and use your own French flash cards

  • Choose a format and stick to it. My French flash cards are 300x400pixels which I print out, fold double and glue together so they are strong. Laminate each flash card if you want your children and grand children to benefit from them as well.
  • Put a picture on one side and write the French word or phrase on the other side. Do use pictures as this will make memorizing easier. Why? Because your mind will not be slowed down by the English word: you will see an image and your brain will go straight to "your French memory" for the translation.
  • For nouns: add ‘un‘ or ‘une‘ in front of the word. Learning the gender of French words just comes naturally after repeating the words over and over.
  • Put a rubber band around your flash cards and carry them in your pocket or purse wherever you go. Use them when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, sitting on a bus, riding a train, during advertisements on TV…

For even better memorization results, you can bundle your flashcards by topic. E.g. restaurant vocabulary, shopping vocabulary.

Save time and simply buy a whole bunch French Flash Cards that are fun and illustrated.